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Basic Electricity
Just expanded and revised (1969) by the United States Navy as a training course text, this book now provides an even more thorough coverage of the basic theory of electricity and its applications . It is unquestionably the best book of its kind for either broad or more limited studies of electrical fundamentals. It is divided in to 21 chapters and an extensive section of appendixes. Chapters cover safety, fundamental concepts of electricity, baueries, electromagnetism and magnetic circuits, introduction to alternating-cu rent electricity, inductance, capacitance, inductive and capacitive reactance, fundamental alternating-current circuit theory, circuit protective and control devices, electrical indicating instruments, alternating-current generators and transformers, alternating-current motors, direct current genera tors, direct-current motors, magnetic amplifiers, and synchros and servomechanisms. Appendixes acquaint the layman with common terms, abbreviations, ┬Ěcomponent color-code, and more
Code:  ADC-BE
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